Course Feedback

Here are some (genuine - promise!) comments taken from course evaluation forms that are completed on the day of each course. Remember that if you've been on one of our courses and wish to contact us you can do so by clicking here.

"Some challenging ideas to my way of thinking but convincing in its evidence base. I have since changed the way I treat patients in perio and have seen some incredible results!"

"The perio lecture was excellent. It really challenged conventional methods of treatment with a strong evidence base and I have already started to apply the treatment strategies learned to my own practice. The speaker was highly motivational."

"Perio geeks all of you... brilliant, most definitely the best and most practical influence for dentists and hygienists in this country."

"I am truly inspired."

"Fantastic chemistry between speakers."

"Has given me a new found love of perio!"

"Really inspiring."

"Thank you for the most incredible and hugely relevant lecture."

"I have been on numerous courses and done several postgrad qualifications - rarely have I come away so enthused and motivated for change!"

"Phil is amazing, perio could not have been any more dynamic and exciting!"

"Ian Dunn is a brilliant speaker. I feel like I will change the way I work from now on, and be a lot more efficient!"

"This was the best course I have attended for a long time. The speaker kept your interest with opportunities to participate and ask questions. You are given access to his website which is very informative. If perio is your passion this is the course for you!"

"Brilliantly inspiring - made a normal dull, dry subject into a 'can do' treatment provision."

"Excellent - very informative course."

"Every dentist should do this course."

"A really excellent course."

"Totally inspired by the whole day."

"Cannot wait to attend other courses."

"It was excellent and has really re-ignited my enthusiasm for periodontics."

"I wish to congratulate you all on PerioCourses. Your content, presentation and organisation is impeccable. In my 36 years as owner of private dental practices, these were by far the best courses I have ever attended. Attendance of at least Modules 1 to 4 should be mandatory for all dentists and oral hygienists. Perio used to be the black sheep in my practices - I simply had pre-conceived ideas about root planing - I hated it, and could never help wondering if I am really doing the patients more harm than good. Awesome stuff - keep up the excellent work!!"

" of the best days of lectures I have attended..."

"...a great course ...quite inspirational"

"The courses are by far the best of the many I attend. I always come back inspired and invigorated. At a time when NHS dentistry is so contradictory, Periocourses stand out like a beacon."

"Probably the best lecturer and courses I have been on in my (sadly!) 20 year career."

"Philip is a fantastic speaker and his patient centred approach is great"

"Thank you for your extremely engaging, informative, practice changing & up-to-date perio educational presentations. Fantastic!"

"I am truly inspired by your teaching"

"Thank you for your extremely engaging, informative, practive changing & up-to-date perio educational presentations. Fantastic!"

"Probably the best post graduate course that I have attended since qualification in 1975!!!"

"A truly inspiring day."

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a fantastic course. It was honestly... 'Mind blowing'! It has completely revolutionalised the way in which I view perio and consequently, am treating it."

"have a very keen interest in post graduate education and frequently attend courses, but yours was the best course I have ever attended!"

"Excellent. This will change the way I treat perio."

"This was a really good day!"

"An excellent course. Well worth the journey. Graham and Phil never stop!"

"Very Useful. Changes my whole view of perio"

"I learnt more in one day than in all three years of periodontology teaching at University. Fantastic!! The presentations were concise, well presented and evidence based. I feel much more confident now about both how to treat and when to refer. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Thanks for making everything so much clearer."

"Excellent advice for us to take away and use every day."

"Just inspiring! Thank you so much for a really enjoyable day, from a hygienist who after 28 years needed some inspiration!"

"A 'must' for all GDPs. Relevant to everyday dentistry. Two days well spent. If I did not attend I would still be treating blindly!!"

"Approachable, responsive speakers - swept away my preconceptions and out of date views and replaced thp with effective evidence-based treatment - excellent!"

"I have been motivated like never before (reborn!!) to really spend time on getting the patients' to control their plaque. I have now seen cases I previously would have thought likely to need advanced care, respond just to these measures. Thank you !! Keep up the good work."

"Thank you for providing a fantastic series of courses, I have had lots of positive feedback. My hygienists have been bowled over, especially the one trained recently at Guys. She was impressed by the quality and evidence you gave for your theories, although it was quite a mindset change. She saw several patients the following week who by default had been treated purely on your theories and found how much their perio had resolved. I am already a convert, I am just saddened that a lot of dentists in our area are not following your methods - still at least it means more referrals for me -and the referring dentist can't understand why I can turn patients around that they can't!!"

"Very good course"
"Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed it"
"Towering achievement, best day's CPD ever!"

"Good day, very relevant, superb practical"

"Super course, well organised"

"Absolutely excellent from start to finish of every lecture. Brilliant team of lecturers"

"Sensible, informative and realistic coverage of the subject"

"Excellent - would like more!"

"Very relevant to general practice"
"Best perio course I've been on"
"Excellent course - so much to discuss, so many good ideas. Super speakers"

"Thought provoking"
"Very well presented, practical and very useful in general practice"
"Very good, well organized and executed"

"The best perio course I've ever been on"

"Cutting edge stuff... thought provoking"